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Information Step 6 St Louis Community College uses your Social Security Number to match your records accurately; however, this number is protected for your privacy and wil not be used as your student ID number. Click here for our SSN policy statement.
If you do not wish to enter your SSN on our secure web site, you may leave the field blank and complete the rest of the form.

Social Security Number
U.S. Social Security Number: (999999999 or 999-99-9999)

Information Step 7 If you graduated or will graduate from a Missouri high school, please select that high school from the list and complete the other information.

If you did not (or will not) graduate from a Missouri high school, please enter one of the following codes instead:

  • 999990 - Non-Missouri High School
  • 999998 - earned a GED diploma (either in Missouri or another state)
  • 999999 - did not (will not) complete high school
If you are (were) home-schooled, check the "Home Schooled" box and leave the other fields blank. If you do not know the exact date of your high school graduation, enter the month and year, and select "01" for the day. You should leave the Class Rank and Size and GPA fields blank.

Your High School
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Class Rank and Size: / (must be numeric)
GPA: (example: 9.99, or A+)

NOTE: Please leave the "Until" date field blank for your address.

Home/Current Address
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E-Mail Address
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Academic Information

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Major Field of Study

To select multiple items from the following lists, hold down the control (CTRL) key while clicking on your choices.


How Did You Learn About STLCC?
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